Unmuting Money

We tend to think of money like rain: whether you like it or not, it’s just there.

But money is not natural. Money is made everyday by humans. And the principles that determine how money is made, affect how money is distributed in society.

This matters for the ongoing climate and ecological emergency. Because how we currently make money, complicates acting on the climate crisis.

New money is created through double-entry bookkeeping when banks make a loan. Banks are profit-driven, their loans typically are profitable in the short term. If we want to be able to make money for climate action too, we need to change the way we make money.

To change how we make money, people first need to know that they can change money. This is unmuting money: spreading the knowledge that changing how we make money, will affect how we can act on the climate crisis.

Unless it’s acknowledged that design of money has to become part of sustainability transitions, we’re headed for extinction.